*#Value Others Better Than Yourself*

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 _Philippians  2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves._

 *#Value Others Better Than Yourself*

The above topic speaks about humility, which is very obvious that it is lacking in the society. People sees others as rivals, including some husband and wife.

The scripture instructed women to be submissive to their husband. This will not allow rivalry to take place, in as much the wife can stoop low under the authority of the man. God has made man the head of the house, he is not placed in the same level with the woman. In today's modern world, you will see some people  trying to place men in equal rank with women, talking about gender equality, there by resulting in strife and rivalry.

The biblical perspective is not to cause strife but to let peace reign. Women are not of less value than men. They are not to be treated anyhow by men because they have authority over them.  Women will have respect for you more, when you value them. Some men doesn't value their wife, but always want to exert authority over them, such house cannot experience total cooperation and genuine atmosphere of love and peace because the man will receive in return, some kind of reactions for his abuse of authority. The woman may not talk but her actions will speak volume of words which she cannot utter.

Authority is not only abuse among husband and wife. It is very glaring  in some circular offices. The way people in position of power and authority treats those who are in need of favour or help from them. There is no sense of value for those who are of lower position. Some will shout on people they are attending to, as if they are not human beings. These happens in many public places.

It shouldn't be so among we Christian, be a good example and representative of Christ wherever you are. The scripture says that we should 'value others better than ourselves.'

The more you humble yourself, the higher God lifts you up. 'Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory.' The glory of the world fades away but there's a glory which endures forever. It is for those who walk in humility. Don't see yourself of better value than others. Everyone, especially the members of the household of faith at large, deserves to be highly valued. Remember, to tell someone today that I value you! I mean you!

#God bless you

Thank you Father, for the value that you have placed on my life and others. I receive the grace to value others always above myself, in Jesus name. Amen