On a day like this, few years back. I have something important to tell someone. It was my custom sometimes to dress corporate on Monday morning. I put on suit and my bow tie that day. Though, I'vent concluded yet in my mind to speak about the matter, before I left home. But, as the day goes by, I was pressed in my spirit to open up that which have been on my mind, since all these days but was a little bit reluctant, trying to figure out how to go about it. Suddenly, an idea came, that I should inform the person that I needed to discuss something with her. I have an opportunity to inform her during the course of the day, that we should see in an open place to talk, but I later got to know that she had left.

I made up my mind that, it wasn't over yet. I picked up my phone and give her a call. Hello! Can we meet up at this place? I have something to tell you! I knew, she was caught up by surprise and would try to guess what I wanted to say but I didn't mind. I took off to the meeting point not long after I dropped the call. I got there ahead of her and waited for sometimes but didn't see any green light of the person that I was waiting for. I tried to call her line but not reachable. I stood up and took a walk down the street to the gate, tried the number again, it was the same response from the network service provider.

I was feeling thirsty and took a walk to where I can get water to buy. As, I sat down and finished drinking the water, I said let me try the number again for the last time before I take my leave, at least I've tried my best. I dialed the number, behold it rang and she picked it and told me she was on her way. I immediately regain hope and courage. She eventually arrived and apologized for the delay.

I was surprised, when she said that her phone has been active. The line which I have been trying, since all this while? We proceded to where we would have the talk and I went straight to the purpose of the meeting. The moment I poured out what was on my mind, I was greatly relieved. As, we walk down the street, after we finished the discussion, on the way back to our individual houses. She asked me a funny question that, have I prepared beforehand to make the proposal today? Because, I put on suit and my bow tie. I replied with a smile!

There is an appointed time for everything under the heavens. When you miss a particular timing in your life, you may need to wait for another circle of time to get it right. Yes, you might have experience disappointments before, but it shouldn't hold you back from trying again another time, when you feel that you've gotten it right with God.

Life is in a cycle, it is important to align with God in order to understand his plans and purposes for our lives and get things done at the appropriate timing that God has ordained. Your destiny is at risk, when you procrastinate while you ought to take action. That, God has spoken to you doesn't mean you'll not pass through the test of patience, which is the test of time to affirm his promises by faith.

God is always working behind the scenes, even when you don't see. Believe, what he has said to you and take a step of faith. Act on the word! Your fears are hinderances to limit the great possibilities before you. Break loose from the bondage of fear and find a great relief to all the burdens in your heart.

The mystery of time is that, it does not wait for anybody. It has no respect of persons! You can stop your own clock or wrist watch but you can't stop the time! It ticks every seconds in a circle and it is the cycle of life!

#God bless you!

(We are inspired, get inspired!)

✍Ayodele Adeyemo.


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